IDEX in Duplicate Mode

Do you guys with IDEX printers use Octoprint with them? Right now I doing the SC card shuffle until the Raspberry Pi arrives. I have printed using both extruders but I put the model on the left side of the build plate in the slicer (Ideamaker) tell the printer to print in Duplicate mode on the console screen. I know there has to be a way to slice it and send it to the printer via Ocotprint and off it goes printing the model in duplicate.

Well, on my Artist-d all I do is put the print on the left side and tell the printer on printer screen to do the duplication or mirror and the printer does the rest. Does your printer have the same on screen option?

I can print in Duplicate mode using the printer screen I want to do it from remote using Octoprint. Think I have it figured out but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll post my finding in the Ideamaker thread.

The only way I’ve tried it is by using the printer’s screen. Basically, when done that way, the slicer doesn’t even know about the duplication. It just slices the model and Octoprint or whatever prints as if it’s just a regular single extruder job.

M605 S2 is supposed to tell the printer to print n duplicate. What your doing with Octoprint is what I have been doing with the SD card. I want to see what happens tomorrow when I tell it to print the file I sliced on Ideamaker telling it to duplicate the model. It’s all a learning experience.

Hey all,
still lurking learning.
I to, am doing the super card shuffle, tho I do have a LG V20 that Oprint lept onto with ease, on a shelf somewhere…
and havent had both nozzles up at the same time for awhile. But it prints decent on one, while I tinker.

I would love to use a different slicer than the 4.8 that it came with.
I tried Ideamaker, loaded a 4 cone retract model, and the Gcode generated caused the xtruder to sound like a partly jammed Uzi.
TechSupport said sumthin about m82/m83 in the start code

But that was in the profile(template) when I selected the tl_d3, so…?
Ill try to upload a pic, but my thought, hope, was

If I use copy/paste on the cura 4.8 Start code as a unit, and replace the existing start code in say, cura 4.13, or ideamaker, perhaps even prusa,
would it work? at least on E1

You should be able to copy the Startup gcode from Cura and paste it into another slicer. I copied my startup and End gcode from Prusaslicer and pasted it into Ideamaker.

What template did you use to try and print with Ideamaker? There are also some Ideamaker only gcodes and have to be removed. Check the Ideamaker thread for details Ideamaker - MakeWithTech Community Forum

@Meicalnissyen, I’m afraid I have to disagree a little bit: specifically, your statement “when one app makes the grey blobs, and another makes the yellow part, from the same STL, well the grey blob app sux”. The reason is that I have found that, most often, the differences come down to the options chosen in the slicer.

I’m not saying there aren’t any differences in the prints produced by the different slicers; what I’m saying is the differences are usually more cosmetic, and minor, in nature. Whenever I’ve taken the time to delve into a slicer’s settings more carefully I’ve found I can improve print quality significantly.

I have not, as yet, delved into IdeaMaker, but it is something I plan on doing once I have my Ender 5 more fully dialed in after some recent changes. It appears IM does do things a fair bit differently from other slicers, so it might be a longer learning curve. We’ll see.

There are no perfect slicers most all of the top ones are developed by manufacturers of 3d printers. Cura Ultra, Prusaslicer Prusa 3d, Indemaker Rais3D. All these manufactures give anyone the slicer for free. If you don’t have one of their machines then the profiles/templates come from the community using them. The other thing you need to understand is that no 2 printers are the same. I could have an Ender 5 and try and use Ender5r’s profile and it may not work the same for me. For instance I tried the Ideamaker templates for my SV04 and they didn’t work very well for ma at all. Could be the brand of filament I use or who knows what. I did better by just taking a stock template and starting tweaking it a little. So now I’m pretty happy with the way it prints. I basically did the same thing with my Ender 3 v2.

When I bought my 1st 3D printer a PoserSpec i3 Duplicator Plus (rebranded Wanhoa) I must have tried a half dozen slicers trying to get decent prints. The one that came with my printer was a rewrite of Cura. I was never really happy with my prints though I did get a good one once in a while. I finally decided on one slicer Slic3r and stuck with it and started learning it. I used it until Prusa forked it and called it Slic3r PE. Because Slice3r PE was being developed and Slic3r wasn’t at the time I switched. When I bought the SV04 I took another look at Ideamaker, I had looked it at after seeing it on one of Irv’s videos. Didn’t spend much time with it but didn’t want to put in the time to learn it. Because Raise3D had IDEX printers I took another look at it when I got the SV04 a couple of weeks ago. It took me a little while but I finally for a decent template for it and was able to make a decent print. I also had some blobbing and weird things happen to me too before I got it all figured out. Once you get your head around how Ideamaker works it start to make some sense.

I don’t know what 3D printer you have @Meicalnissyen but I would be happy to upload one of my templates for you to look at. Not saying it would work with your printer but it might give you a start. From the looks of the print on the right you appears that you might need a little more retraction or a little faster retraction speed.

I think I had my SV04 for a week before I was able to get a decent print out of it and it was my 3rd 3D printer so I’m not exactly new to the game. So hang in there and keep trying to learn all you and and it will come to you, plus there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum that can help.

I agree, it is a learning process all the way.