How I fixed a problem with 1 copy of a multi-copy print run breaking free

I was printing a number of screw-on lids for silica gel containers. While monitoring the print run via camera, I noticed that 1 of the lids broke free part way through the run. This was leading to a situation where I would have to monitor the whole run in person, to prevent the filament that would have become part of the missing lid from becoming spaghetti all over the other lids. That, or abandon the run and start over.

I had an inspiration. I reached into a drawer under the printer and pulled something out. This is what I did:

Yep, I peeled off a layer of post-it notes the same thickness as the lid that broke free. Then I attached the layer of notes to the printbed using binder clips. I watched long enough to ensure that the nozzle could get over the paper without catching its edge. It worked. Instead of the filament winding up as spaghetti all over the place, it got printed onto the paper, quite nicely in fact – the lid is actually almost useable.

Nice fix! Check out Octoprint’s Exclude Region plugin. It instructs OctoPrint to ignore any gcode commands executed within user-defined area.


Doesn’t that plugin only work before a print run is started?

It can be used while the print is ongoing. Draw a shape (circles or rectangles) on the build plate displayed in the GCode Viewer tab to exclude that region.


that sounds very useful. I’ll check it out.

Just installed it.