Getting ready for Mandalorian season 2

Took a long time to print this guy.


LOL, really nice job. I’ve never seen Mandalorian, but I appreciate the quality. I assume the gold outfit is actual cloth, or is it 3D printed too? And I also assume the coloring is the resulting of paint?

No paint, no cloth, all printed parts that I glued together. CC3D silk gold, CC3D silk green, and Hatchbox black. Someone cut up the original model into separate parts for printing in different colors: Baby Yoda - Free Sample by MarVin_Miniatures - Thingiverse

Yeah, the cloth is really interesting even when you are holding it in your hand. Looks so much like it should be fluffy, but no, it is straight-up printed.

This is still my all-stock parts Ender 3 V2 that is almost a month old. It has been printing for about 2/3 of that month, though.

Well, it’s doing a great job, and congrats.