Freecad .19 windows install

Not remembering the tutorial at all, I guess after extracting the zip you just need to go into the extracted bin folder containing the FreeCAD.exe using the file explorer of windows, rightclick on it and select create a short cut.

Now the FreeCAD icon should appear on desktop and you can launch the application without any hassle.

Thank you for your reply! I found the problem and resolved it! 7-Zip does NOT have “CREATE SHORTCUT” in the menu when you right click the mouse. It has “Create Folder” & “Create File”… (see attached). So after I extracted in 7-Zip I created a Folder on my desktop and copied all the extracted folders (including BIN folder) into it. I then proceeded to now have the ability to use the Windows File Explorer and right click on Freecad.exe within BIN folder and create a shortcut! Dragged shortcut to Desktop and launched it. VOILA!!! So 7-Zip was the issue all along! Silly…
Much appreciated! Hope this helps others who have fallen into the same trap! Now its time to learn FREECAD?


This is an issue that used to crop up years ago when people weren’t used to compressed files like ZIP, ARC, 7Z, & gz. You really can’t do anything with the files until the file has been de-compressed into individual files. I believe the video said to de-compress, but it’s likely Irv only mentioned it briefly, like it’s an automatic thing, because it is these days. Glad to see you figured it out. I guarantee you’ll never forget again :slight_smile:

Cheers!!! ? Stay safe…