Free 3D scanning software

Surfing around the internet searching for my things, i’ve found this very interesting 3D scanning software that is based on Photogrammetry technology.
Perhaps someone have already post it , i don’t know. Or maybe you know it already. Anyway it is good to post it here for other users as well! ( download the free version ).

Take a look at this tutorial too

The 50 limit: is that the total limit, forever, or 50 per month, 50 per year, or what?

I guess per work

Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. That makes a LOT of sense. You can process as many models as you like, but you can only use 50 photos for each. Thanks.
I’ve never done photogrammetry. I wonder how high resolution you can get with 50?

Simple Photogrammetry has nothing to do with high detailing as someone could think. Free softwares can only produce a simple and general model from photos. After this must be processed in Meshmixer for example.

So the 500 photo version would give much better results?

From a good DSLR camera and light source, yes

Or, these days, some of the phones on the market. Some phone cameras are pretty amazing.

Indeed! the trick is to to spread the light on the object and take pictures from any possible angle in same distance.

Downloaded the free EXE file. Booo. wtb a .DMG

Anyway, thank you for the find! Looks very interesting.


My Pleasure!!!