For Electroplating Enthusis

I am sorry to say I attended a funeral today. While in the funeral parlor they had two glass displays with pendents for sale for $59. That was the first visit there and I was totally taken back by the lack of respect for families in sorrow, but it did tell me how much electroplated 3d prints could be priced.
This is information only and my last subject on funeral homes doing business other than funerals.

I’ve been playing with my electroplating like a kid turned lose in a chemistry lab and I still have some things to figure out. I need to go back and watch all the plating videos on

youtube to answer some of the questions I have. It is severely testing my memory of chemistry from 60 years ago. I certainly need to learn how to patch up flaws.

Even plating metal on metal is sometimes frustrating. I have no doubt that my old brain will finally figure it out after making all the mistakes possible.