Fixing Ender Hot End Jams

The hot end on the Creality line of Ender printers is designed so the Bowden tube is pressed all the way into the hot end up to the nozzle. If there is a gap between the tube and the nozzle you are likely to get jams anytime you print with retraction.

A trick to making sure the tube is snugged right up to the nozzle is to unscrew the Bowden tube fitting slightly, lets say 1 full turn. Then put the tube in as far as it will go. Then tighten the fitting until it is snug. Do not force it. This will drive the tube down a bit. If you do a great job pushing the tube in, the fitting will not tighten at all.

The picture on the left highlights this architecture:

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Another trick I learned in another YT video is to unscrew the nozzle itself 1 full turn, then push the Bowden tube down as far as it will go, then tighten the nozzle up again. I had a complete mess on my hotend, with a ton of PLA all over it. After heating the hotend and removing the PLA, I did the nozzle trick and haven’t had any leaking since.