First Personal CAD Design

Hi everyone. Just created my first unassisted CAD design. I decided to make a tag for my French Bulldog, she is a bit of bully and often runs around the house and eats anything that she can get her paws on. So I tend to call her a thug hence why the tag says “thug dog”. I’m happy with my design and I think I did a good job however, I would greatly appreciate if anyone could look at my design and provide any constructive criticism, thanks :).

Dog_ID_Thug.FCStd (296 KB)

Dog_ID.stl (94.5 KB)

You asked for it. :smiley:

Well, I would have gone the extra mile and named the operation itself. That way you can see what it is, even when closed.

You also did not define the tags hole position and diameter, which makes a parametric spreadsheet design kind of useless, if you need to visit sketches to drag non parametric parts in position after resizing.

The file will not work on Mac or Linux as the font file has a path in it. This is not your fault, but a missing feature in FreeCAD. It should collect all system fonts and use them by name only and not store the full absolute path, which only causes trouble and even fails when transferring the same file to another computer having the same operation system on it. If I replace the font another issue pops up. The font got far to big. Another FreeCAD issue. Fonts are terrible in FreeCAD as you probably already know. :smiley:

Congratulations on jumping into the CAD pool and producing your first model. Modeling opens up 3d printers from novelties to tools.