Exciting Announcement Join the Fix Thingiverse POC Test

@Alan Thanks for the extensive testing. It is a big help.

The current OpenSCAD implementation does not include any external modules or fonts. This is on the list of todo and will require rebuilding the OpenSCAD container which is used to run OpenSCAD. I will need to do some research into how to use external modules and fonts when using the command-line version of OpenSCAD.

I will try the model you tested to see what the error is. Probably a bug in the parser. You may want to try a simpler model.

I have to think about if the ability to save and modify customizer parameters should be included in the free version or in the subscription version to encourage folks to support this project. If this project is successful it will run up some significant AWS costs I need to handle.

Thanks again. I will keep at it and probably have a new release either today or tomorrow.

@Alan The way I override parameters is to append the overrides to the end of the SCAD file. Therefore the SCAD scripts I use to render a model will be longer than the original scripts depending on how many parameters you override. That is why a syntax error could be reported by OpenSCAD past the end of the original SCAD file/script.

In a recent update, I broke support for parameters with string values. I have now fixed it and hardened it so it will work if the user includes quotation marks or leaves them out.

I also updated the home page to add a “release date” down to the minute of the build to the front page. This should make it easier to track bugs.

Thanks again, everyone. I expect an additional release late today or tomorrow.

*** Fonts and Modules are next on my list. Need to dig into the OpenSCAD docs for linux since that is the environment the backend runs in.

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@MiniPilote The feedback button is in the bottom right corner. It is provided by a third-party app so unfortunately, I cannot make it bigger.


@irvshapiro1, I am running Chrome on Linux with some plugins that may preclude the feedback button from showing up. I do not see it at all on screen.


Do you still need testers. I would like to help

Considering Thingiverse’s most recent affront to its users (shoving even more adds in your face every time you click) I’m in and looking forward to helping out.

If I can help I will.