Ender 5 Pro y-axis layer shifts

i got and Ender 5 Pro for a couple of months and my problem is I get y-axis shifts with large base prints, ie greater that 30mm square. I have tried everything, even changed the motherboard to a V4.2.7 board from the original v1.1.5 board. The V4.2.7 board is what Creality in China sent me. This issue have been reported with the Ender 3 printers in the Creality forums. I do notice that if the base is hollow the shifts is much much less.

I also installed a bigger fan because some people reported that the board could be overheating. I’ve also checked the board’s vref and they are within specifications.

The shifts happens incrementally at every layer. Although small shift per layer but for a thicker model, the layer is very noticeable.

Has as anyone with an Ender printers have this problem, and whether there is a solution.


Sorry, should I have posted this in the 3D printing are?