Ender-3 v2 UI Customization

Hello everybody,
I am trying to add an item to the menu of my Ender-3v2, but when I compile, I receive this message:
Marlin\src\lcd\extui\lib\creality_dwin\creality_dw in.cpp: In member function ‘int CrealityDWINClass::Get_Menu_Size(uint8_t)’:
Marlin\src\lcd\extui\lib\creality_dwin\creality_dw in.cpp:4159:14: error: ‘NEIGE_TOTAL’ was not declared in this scope
[.pio\build\STM32F103RET6_creality\src\src\lcd\extu i\lib\creality_dwin\creality_dwin.cpp.o] Error 1

What do you think is the cause? Do you have any solution?

Thanks a lot.

[B]Seems I misread. You added a menu item. Somehow I over read this fact. This is a relative complex change as marlin is highly “optimized”. You should take a look on the existing menu items that can be enabled optional to see what is required to add something.

Old Answer follows:[/B]

Seems the display driver needs a constant named NEIGE_TOTAL, which is not defined. Make sure you copied all configuration files made for your printer into the marlin folder.

If the problem is still there, search all files for NEIGE_TOTAL. There should be a line like “#define NEIGE_TOTAL …”. Check the surroundings. If it is enclosed in #if #endif you may need to enable anther component to get the display configured. Marlin itself is usually pointing on these stuff, but since the creality stuff may not be handled by the marlin team itself, it is could be that this hint is just missing.

If not is was somehow forgotten. This usually happens when new parts are added to a repository, but some header files are missing.