Easy 3d Printed Cookie Cutters made with your Slicer

While my videos range from beginners tutorials to complex posts about upgrading a 3d printer’s firmware, this video is for anyone with kids, grandchildren, or just likes cookies. And who doesn’t like cookies?

The challenge with printing cookie cutters is that you have to convert your original image into an outline. Depending on the image editor you have access to, this is complex or easy, but it is a step you can entirely skip with this new technique. All you need to do is find a solid image, convert it to an SVG file (which you can do with many online tools), extrude it into a 3d object with TinkerCAD, and then use your slicer to do the rest. Yep, we will use a slicer to turn our solid image into an outline.

Watch the video to see the specific steps and an example.

[video=youtube_share;5h_CRPOEMtE]Easier 3d Printing Cookie Cutters with a Slicer Hack - YouTube

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