cura v 4.13.1 octopi v 1.7.3 pi 4 how to power cycle printer ender5 and pi 4?

Hello I am new to the forum. My question as is in the title, how to turn on and off the system?. IE how to power the pi 4 and the printer to power on and off and not get the power back feed when off? How to do this from octopi? or how to just shut down the pi 4 with the button script? any help?

If you’re talking about the Pi powering the printer’s screen, the way to do this is to block the USB power pin. I forget which pin that is, but you can find it if you search this forum. There are at least a couple of ways to do it. 1 is to actually cut the power connector finger. Another is to do what I did; put some tape over the finger.

If you want to isolate the power coming from the printer to the RPi, put tape over the 5V pin of the USB cable (see picture here). Thingiverse also has isolators that can be printed or some printer stores sell connectors.

I leave my RPis on all the time and manually turn the printer off if needed. It is possible to use the GPIO pins in the Pi to control Smart Switches to turn off/on the printer. Or, use a plugin to shutdown the RPi. I use this plugin to shutdown or restart the the system from OctoPrint’s web interface.

Hope this helps.


Nice photo @Alan. Zooming in really shows which pin to block. I will have to search TV for those isolators.

Hi and thanks BUT… the link for the plugin does not work. yes I saw the tape the power pin but many report that does not aways work. better question is this . whats the name of the plugin and is it a cura or an octopi plugin?does this shutdown the rpi or just turn off the printer?

I guess I could just un=plug the usb to the printer and be done but I want to safely shut down the rpi as well.

to further explain the question I am unsure how to add the power down or sleep to the rpi as it is octoprint running on the pi and not a standard pi os.

This plugin shuts down whatever is plugged into a TP Link smart plug. If your 3D printer is plugged in then it gets powered off: [U][/U]

This 1 uses a different smart outlet: [U][/U]

Now, having said all that, I have abandoned OctoPrint in favor of Klipper with fluiddpi. I find it superior to OctoPrint.

The link is fixed. It is an OctoPrint plugin.

Here is one of the Thingiverse isolators: USB cable +5v Pin-1 isolator by 3Damp - Thingiverse.


thx @Alan That looks very interesting. I’ve dnloaded it.

WOW thank you all I can now shutdown the rpi and power off my ender5 and no back light shows on the printer. no tape not un pluged usb just turned off. I don’t mind having to turn of the printer with it’s sw. then I just turn off the rpi and all is good.Thank you again Ron.?

Yes, if the Pi is turned off, then there is no power to light up the printer’s LCD screen. I still recommend you configure things so the 5V power from the Pi can’t get to the printer at all. It’s just safer that way. I just printed the isolator linked to by @Alan. Going to try it now.

ok and thanks, I do have a more pressing problem should I start a new therad to post it. it’s I don’t see the web cam in cura I do see it in octopi but not cura.

I leave my Pi’s on all the time. I used Kpalon tape to isolate the 5v pin on the USB plug. Works well for me but I also don’t plug and unplug the USB very often from the Pi. The 3D printed on might be easer to install that trying to fish a small piece of tape in there.

@Gramps I believe you’re talking about Kapton tape (just for those who may want to look it up and get some).\

I, too, leave my Pi 4 on almost all the time.

Yes I did, thanks for clarifying that for the folks here.