Can we use Pla+ filament to 3d print function parts?

I just learned the PLA+ filament obtains a strong mechanical performance. So, can I use it to 3d print a gear?

It is not only the material. The print orientation is key, too. Printing flat makes the teeth strong, but may cause trouble at the axle mount.

And of course the use case. The gear may be strong enough, but could melt, when mounted to a hot motor. Same goes for friction due to speed and UV light.

So there is no clear answer for that. It always depends on the environment where the gear is used.

Excellent question… Material engineers ask questions like that all the time. Then then look at the conditions the part will encounter. Will it be hot, cold, high or low stress, how long does it need to stay in one piece?
For us non of engineers… it’s experiment time!
Go ahead and print the item, one with a couple of walls (high infill) and one with all walls (little to no infill). Use different temperature, different layer size. You get to do the experiment and find what works for you! That’s awesome!