Bet Ya can't so this with Marlin

I ran across a video showing the mesh only being taken on the actual print area, not the whole bed. Followed some links in the description and found out it was Klipper macros that were accomplishing this. Looked pretty interesting so I figured I’d try it. Pretty straight forward except that the instructions use some global variables that have been depreciated. As soome as I got that worked out it worked like a charm.

3x3 mesh
[video=youtube_share;RXuKM36ogkQ]Klipper probe print area 3x3 - YouTube

5x5 mesh
[video=youtube_share;S56jf3BMWVE]Klipper probe print area 5x5 - YouTube

Klipper probe print area only setup guide.

Interesting. Thanks for posting it.

The variable code I used

 {% set AREA_START = params.AREA_START|default("0,0")|float %}
{% set AREA_END = params.AREA_END|default("0,0")|float %} 

This was the only thing I changed in my START_PRINT macro

Depreciated variables

variable_parameter_AREA_START : 0,0
variable_parameter_AREA_END : 0,0 

So they basically just dropped “variable_parameter_” from the deprecated variables.

Yes and not very long ago. I discover it when I tried to do the Start_Print macro. I had copied one from GitHub and when I restarted I got a message that I need to fix it before it would load. Did a little research and found where it had been depreciated. I also discovered that Klipper will get upset and not load if some of the indenting isn’t correct. Actually I had something indented that is didn’t want indented and got a whole page full of errors. Sort of reminded me of when you tried to compile and had forgotten a } or ;

I, too, have noticed how the syntax seems a little over zealous.

The “variable_parameter_” sured seemed better to me and made more sense, not to mention less chance for mistakes. The bad thing is that they don’t go back and update directions with the new syntax. This makes it more difficult for a new user without programing knowledge to get things working. Wonder how many people have given up because of this?