Beginner Question - STP File

Hi all

I download a door hanger to print and there are STP files there also.
I am guessing these are source files?

How do I use them?

STP (AKA STEP) files are a format that allows models to be imported into a number of CAD programs other than the 1 used to create them. By including them with the STL files, the creator of the door hanger has made it much easier for you & others to customize the hanger to your own needs.

Yes and no. Those are 3d models containing all features as geometric functions, but without specific design features used in applications.

You simply import them into tools like FreeCAD and are able to edit them. I actually never tried to export and load to see what features it keeps ans which got lost.

I agree with @Geit. From what I’ve seen so far, the source files can only be used in the program that created them: i.e. Fusion 360, FreeCAD, Rhino, etc.

STP or STEP files are made to offer the ability to a different Mechanical CAD software to make changes on the file without having to translate it in native file type! If you’re interesting to just print a file out, just look for .STL type files.