Bambu Slicer/ Orca Slicer

Has anyone looked at either Bambu or Orca Slicer both now support some 3rd party printers. I downloaded the Linux appimage and setup my Ender 3 S1 Pro as a Ender 3 v2 and changed the build height to 270 just used generic plastic to give it a try. I sliced a crate at 0.20mm using the stock setting and it will take 9h39m to print. Sliced the same file in PrusaSlicer and using 0.20mm layer height sliced the print time was 10h48m. Can’t say what they quality difference will be as it’s still printing but the 1st layers are looking good. Can’t say for sure how it cut an hour off the print time.

Bambu Slicer is a fork of PrusaSlicer but they changed the UI quite a bit. I don’t think it will import Prusa configs because all the Bambu Slicer config files are .json and Prusa uses .ini

Orca Slicer is just a fork of Bambu Slicer much as Supper Slicer is a fork of Prusa Slicer. On the Bambu Labs Wiki there is an article on adding 3rd party printers with an example.

If you’re using PrusaSlicer I don’t think the learning curve will be that bad, just getting use to where Bambu put stuff. It also has some features that PS doesn’t have such as multiple build plates.

Can you compare the materials usage and time spent on various features of the part (wall, skin, infill, etc…)? CHEP did a video on Cura’s ‘hidden’ (only for Ultimaker printers) that were faster than the regular profiles. They just increased acceleration limits. I wonder if its the same here?


The print came out ok but it was better when comparing it to the ones I printed using PrusaSlicer. I used the stock Generic PLA profile, I’m thinking I should have made a profile for this filament from the one in Prusa.

@Alan I’ll compare the slice screens and check the accretion setting and report back

I opened both slicers side by side and sliced the crate in both slicers using the 0.20mm profile in both and also the same filament. I took a screen shot of the printer setting in each, then the filament I used in the above which by the way was CCC3D Marble PLA, I then sliced it again using Coex PLA on both and the times were much closer but still Babmbu Studio was a little faster.

Printer setting Prusaslicer - left. Bambu Studio - Right

Preview screen with CC3D PLA Prusaslicer - left. Bambu Studio - Right

Preview screen with Coex PLA. Prusaslicer - left. Bambu Studio - Right

Right now on the printer I have the crate again this time I sliced it with Babmu Studio using a Coex PLA filament profile. Print time was about the same as before but I wanted to see If the sloppiness in the end of the webbing was the slicer or the filament.

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The crate like above printed with Coex PLA didn’t come out as I expected. I pretty sure if I did some tuning I could get it to print like it does when sliced with Prusaslicer. It was a fun experiment but I intend to use PrusaSlicer for my non X1c slicing.