Bambu Labs X1 Carbon Combo

I actually subscribe to that channel but hadn’t watched that video yet. From the time line he got his replacement AMS’s about the same time I got my X1C combo. The video was a little misleading the original Jessie filament spools that didn’t fit the AMS were different than the ones he used in the replacement AMS’s. Appears that Solid Works changed their spools to cardboard to be either more environment friendly or so they will fit the AMS or probably both. I buy a lot of Coex filament a local USA manufacture and their spools won’t fit the AMS either. They are switching to cardboard spools too.

I printed some smaller rear rollers which will allow for a bigger diameter spool but haven’t tried them yet. The Coex spools I have are also to wide which is actually a bigger issue with the AMS. I have respooled a could Coex spools but it’s a pain, need to print a better respoiler.

My cardboard spools I wrap with electrical tape and they work just fine. The biggest issue with cardboard spools is the cardboard dust that gets in the AMS, the electric tape eliminates that issue.

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I have had the Bambu X1 Carbon Combo for a month day and have over 300 hour on it. I have had some hiccups along the way but don’t think I can really blame the printer for any of them. It was more like me pushing the limits of cleaning the cold plate. As it went along the cold plate seemed to be more and more problematic about prints not wanting to stick. Solution I bought the High Temp build plate which is smooth PEI and it has been working great. Every 5 or 6 prints I clean it good with Dawn and hot water.
Printed some multicolor prints, a heart plaque for the granddaughter, dog for the great granddaughter, a plaque for the legion & a few others. The only thing is the amount of waste (AKA Bambu poop) which can be tuned. I want to try purging into an object but haven’t yet.

So bottom line after a month I am still more than happy with my Bambu

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