This type of video has long fascinated me. There are many others.

This video is about using pneumatics in the simplest way one could imagine. They have done things of sheer genius in some of the videos related to this subjec that I was wondering if we could use 3d printing to harness pneumatic qualities just by seeing what these geniuses cooked up. Remember I didn’t even watch all of this video yet. but there are many others. Pneumatics with what we do could be super cool.

I forgot to post the video. How to Make Hydraulic JCB From Cardboard - YouTube I hope that works.

That’s a lot of work. It’s cute. I wouldn’t spend the time myself, but I get what you mean. Sure, you could make something like that using 3D printing, and it would, of course, be stronger and longer lasting.

If my thermistor shows up I may try to print something. Of course it won’t be delivered today (Sunday). I wish my fan would get here too. It would be nice to have my heat creep fixed.