Suggested Topics for 3d Printing Videos

It seems they take donations but have no obligations to provide a machine if they don’t feel like it.

All Kickstarter projects work that way. People who pledge are backing a project; not buying from a store. There is a risk, but I’ve backed projects before and they’ve all panned out.

I think they are an established company so there is less risk.

That was part of my risk assessment.

I have a feeling it will be a very good machine.

I am looking forward to having 2 extruders.

It opens so many possibilities. It makes single extruders seem boring.

Indeed: 2-colo(u)r printing, and dissolvable supports. :slight_smile:

And mixing media so to speak. Flexible with PLA or whatever.

I already have an application for 2 filament printing. I printed some broom handle wall clips, but I found they don’t really grip the handles very well. If I reprint them using a more flexible, grippy filament for the inside of the clip, I think they will work much better: [U][/U]

I think this machine will make users become very creative. We probably can’t even conceive of the possibilities that this opens. Design qill become very important.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have a number of existing videos about supports but I agree this is an area people often want some more help with. I have done videos about upgrading control boards before and will probably do some more in the future. One of my videos currently planned is about Marlin 2.0, specifically adding it to an ANET ET4/ET5 printer. I have an IDEX 3d printer on order, the JGMaker Artist-D Dual Extruder Pro version which is scheduled to ship in January and I look forward to reviewing that printer and discussing dissolvable supports, specifically using them for the interface layer and between the support and the model. My FreeCAD videos have really helped the channel to grow so expect more FreeCAD videos.

Right now I am working on a video titled “Top Five 3d Printing Mistakes” which tries to answer questions I get asked over and over again and will have links back to videos in my archive.

I try to balance videos for people completely new to 3d printing, with videos for experienced users, with videos I just want to make. I still plan to expand beyond 3d printing and CAD to include electronics and a bit of programming but never seem to have enough time.

Thanks again for supporting this forum with outstanding participation. I think TOGETHER we are starting to build a valuable community of makers.

Stay healthy. Irv

It is a nice group.

As mentioned in other threads, videos on how to organize profiles in slicers is still something that is a mystery to many, Cura & Prusaslicer in particular, since they seem to be the most popular.