Revolution - part design

As Fieldservice engeneer I love to make tools.
Now I’m drawing something that holds the middle between a screwdriver and a socket wrench.

In fact I want to combine two socket wrenches.

Using freecad I’ve learned to make a cylinder/pipe.
Only when I want to make two revolution -parts I find out that seems to be impossible.

Only one part was transformed the other wasn’t.

The drawing here is a very basic one only to show what I mend.

How can i combine these two in one drawing so they will be print together as one tool?

In your model if both objects are in the intended 3D place (if not Transform them to the correct placement) then highlight the first object in the tree view and CTRL click the second object in Tree View. They should both be highlighted in green. Then do a File Export and save the file. Both objects will be exported to be printed.

It may be tricky to print since you don’t want supports. I did print in-place hinges that worked but both parts of the hinge were supported.

Maybe consider the interior bottom ‘cup’ looking part printed separately with a pocket the long shaft can be glued into??? Or the top ‘cap’ looking structure, put a pocket into it the the shaft glues into it…

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