Pegboard hook

Hi I made a research on the forum and I didn’t see anything, so I ask you, if you can help me,
I want to create some support like paint bottle rack, tool rack for insert in a pegboard, but I dont have any idea how create the different pegs, straight and curve or with angle, so I’ll wait for your comment.

Thank you

You’re going to have to learn to use a CAD program such as FreeCAD or Fusion360. It will take you some time to get a handle on how they work, but it will help with all future designs.

Check the icons next to the pad one. The forth one in that section allows to extrude a sketch along a line.

So basically you draw a circle in a sketch on one face and a line defining the way this circle should be extruded in a second sketch. That is basically the kinda elbow shape, but just a continues line.

The other one is extruding though shapes, so you can turn a star shape into a circle, into a square into a circle by just creating multiple sketches with an offset in depth or orientation. This function is more complex, but would allow you to exit the plate using a square, while having the end a circle to make insertion easier.

If you hover the mouse over these tool bar buttons, they explain how they work and the UI is relative straight forward.