Knowing the ultimate size of a print before you print? how?

Hello, sorry for this question but I am new to 3D printing. When I view various prints on web sources such as printables etc. the descriptions rarely actually say how big the model is in real life. How can I find this information? Sometimes the authors will say what printer they used but many times the do not. Do the file formats have a dimensions flag or box? I would like to print some 24th scale model pieces but I am not sure if my printer is larger enough for the final print. Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you throw a model in a slicer, you can check the dimensions and scale it to the correct size to print. I also use MeshMixer, a free program, to check the size. Go to Edit, then click transform.

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You can also just import the model into your slicer and see how it fits on your relative print bed.

If you have a piece that is too big, you can chop it up into smaller pieces and print those pieces and then glue/weld them together.

David F.