JGMaker Artist D Pro

I recently picked up one of these printers and in general I am very pleased with its performance. I do have one issues on a calibration cube I come ou to 19.97 x 19.98 x 20.02, this issue is the y axis wali I silky smoothie the x axis is a bit more granular and the z is good, somewhere in between the two. Any ideas how to adjust it. Ran several blocks all the same. I run 200 x .16 at 100% flow.

I think your expectations for this technology may be too high. Your prints are off by less than 1/10 of an mm. I think that is quite good.

“Industrial FDM printing has a dimensional tolerance of ± 0.15% and a lower limit of ± 0.2 mm. FDM 3D printing creates objects by extruding thermoplastics through a heated nozzle. Objects are printed one layer at a time, and these layers cool at different speeds depending on their size and structure.Sep 4, 2019”

Google search found this on an HP website that is behind a request form so I do not have access to the full article.

Your cube is off by 0.03mm, 0.02mm, and 0.02mm. The HP site is talking about FDM 3d printers that sell for thousands of dollars and are specified at +/- 0.2mm. For my part, I do not even think my low-cost calipers/micrometer are accurate enough to measure 0.02mm.

I am not criticizing the question but based on my experience it will be very difficult to tune your printer more precisely than it currently is tuned.

I wasn’t so concerned with the size but the difference in layer feel. The y direction is silky smooth the x direction is ridgedy. I didn’t know if there was a y direction parameter to fix it.

A Y direction parameter, or an X parameter?

Send some pics.