Do abs filament suit for drone 3d printing?

I want to DIY one drone by 3D printing. Which 3D printer filament do you recommend? The ABS filament is strong enough and relatively lighter than PLA.

I love ABS and use it for almost all projects. It has a little flex, is robust and can withstand even temperatures in a car during the summer, which is important for a project like drones.

Another positive effect is that you can fix and broken part by using acetone and a brush. Since the material gets welded it will be as strong as before. No reprint required and a quick fix within the outdoors is no problem.

For prototyping ABS is a blast as you can simply cut/drill and weld parts to try stuff, without the need of reprinting a part for just a test.

I have no clue about drone building. These are just my 50 cents.