Anet ET5X plate location

Hi guys , i received my first printer, i noticed that at the end of the printing the plate move all the way back , what should i change to have it ending the printing with the plate in the front position?
this is the end gcode , thanx

M104 S0

M140 S0

G92 E0

G1 E-10 F2000

G28 X0 Y0


Using this website, Gcode | Marlin Firmware, we see:

M104 S0 ; Set hotend temperature to zero (off)
M140 S0 ; Set bed temperature to zero (off)
G92 E0 ; Set the extruder position to zero
G1 E-10 F200 ; Retract 10mm of filament at 200 mm/m
G28 X0 Y0 ; Auto home on X and Y
M84 ; Disable stepper motors

So, the only movement command is G28.

FWIW, here are the end gcodes I use on my Bowden-style cartesian (h/t DRVAX):

G91 ;Change Positioning to relative
G1 Z5 ;Move head up by 5mm (or bed down, depending on your machine)
G90 ;Change to absolute positioning
G0 X0 Y150 ;(Stick out the part)
M190 S0 ;(Turn off heat bed, don’t wait
G92 E10 ;(Set extruder to 10)
G1 E6 F200 ;(retract 4mmn)
M104 S0 ;(Turn off nozzle, don’t wait)
G4 S120 ;(Delay 2 minutes)
M107 ;(Turn off part fan)
M84 ;(Turn off stepper motors.)


Inserting this line after the G28 command should be fine.

G0 X0 Y150 ;move bed forward.

It simply moves the head to the front. Using this on my Anet A8, just with a bigger value for Y as it has a 220mm bed.

The bed will home (go to the back) and then come back. This backward and forward move seems to be stupid, but there is a reason for that.

If you had a layer shift on Y while printing, your axis might be off. Leaving the g28 (home X and Y ) in there ensures that you can drive Y to the maximum without hitting the frame or something.

The back and forth movement is also a nice “print is done” sound you can utilize :smiley:

thank you …it worked ?