Air quality concerns

I live in Montreal humid whatever and have never seen a mosquito here in 20 years. I used to live in Regina Saskatchewan where I was raised. They used to have a horrible mosquito problem when I was young but I went away and came back and asked where are the mosquitoes? Nobody knew what I was talking about. The city had grown.
I lived on an island in the Caribbean that had been in a drought for 32 years and got Dengue fever three times from mosquitoes.

When mosquitoes can’t survive I get worried.

I think you will find that the mosquitoes in Regina disappeared due to anti-mosquito programs. Many cities, over the past 50 years, have put them in place, using various techniques. The islands of the Caribbean are known for having swampy land. Even in a drought there are still places where water pools. You may not see them, but they’re there. IOW, I totally believe that you experienced what you say. I just suspect the reasons may be different from what you think. These things can be tricky. You have to be really careful not to mis-associate circumstances. There is a phrase specifically coined to cover this: correlation is not causation, meaning just because 2 things seem to be associated doesn’t mean they actually are.

I think one (laughable) situation in Wuhan, China is a great example. A short time before the 1st Covid-19 case was discovered in Wuhan, the Chinese telecom company erected a new cell tower to provide 5G service in Wuhan. People, obviously mistakenly, associated the new tower with the viral outbreak, and started a rumor that the virus is spread by 5G. As ridiculous as it is, the rumor spread, and there are still people who believe it and continue to spread it.

Mosquitoes are very hard to kill. I just don’t agree with you so let’s leave it at that. There are no programs to kill mosquitoes here in Montreal but if you step outside the perimeter in certain seasons you will be eaten alive.

Fascinating gentlemen, thank you.

It certainly sounds like I would be wrong to abandon my interest if I was to restrict myself to PLA, possibly use a cabinet and print relatively sparingly. I am greatly encouraged by this and shall renew my efforts to find the right printer.

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I have some PETG waiting for a project that requires it. I need some inspiration. I wish I was talented enough to model this strange house. Mechanical cottage moves receding facade with use/seasons - YouTube

Here’s one you might want to consider. If I was buying again, I would be looking at it: [U]

That looks like a good choice and it would be easy to enclose without enclosing the electronics. I’m still satisfied with my ender 3 pro, but Direct drive would be nice if quality isn’t sacrificed. I’m surprised that I can heat my bed up quite a lot more than this can but I don’t ever go over 100c.

I only paid $205 US to get mine delivered to the door, though I think it took about a month.

I suppose an obvious question that I forgot to ask: having concluded that PLA is probably OK, it seems that not all PLA filament is created equal so can anyone recommend a brand of PLA filament that would be best in the context of my original concerns about emissions?


I haven’t seen or heard anything that would suggest 1 brand/version of PLA is better/worse for emissions. If there are differences, I suspect they would be with the ‘speciality’ PLAs; things like wood impregnated, shiny, carbon fibre reinforced, etc.

I personally am not worried about emissions from pla except when I burn out a nozzle or a hot end on my stove. Then I open a window or the door. I think that most brands are the same. The temperature at which you print is not the temperature that you burn out.

True there could be additives in some pla that you would want to avoid. We should be warned of them from suppliers.