A Shopping Cart Pirate

Yeah, this is probably the same as the face shield or the ear savers. You are not a maker until you designed your own. :smiley:

I wanted a small ans sleek design for my key chain. Printed in TPU I even forgot I had it on me, when I was shopping even so I printed and mounted it a week ago. So it does not bulk my key chain and works just fine, when you need it. That is all I wanted.

Since I have no idea how this works in your country: In Germany you need to unlock the shopping card by using a coin or a token/chip, which you get back, when returning the card to the parking place. This thingy on your key chain allows to grab a cart without the need of using a coin or a chip. You simply push in the pirate, unlock the cart and since this is made from TPU you just pull out the pirate again. So it is a very handy tool on your key chain. :smiley:

Shopping Cart Pirate on thingiverse.

I have grandchildren living outside of the US and I have also printed shopping cart “coins” for them.

Does this mean you just leave carts lying all over the place, like a vagabond or rapscallian??? [SIZE=8px](j.k: I can’t imagine you doing that)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]Oh, BTW, your experience with TPU got me to do a little research and I found several articles that say TPU is not toxic, and does not emit toxic fumes, so it should be safe for me to print. I like that.[/SIZE]

That appeals to me too.

TPU as well as PP are skin contact safe.

I used it now for about two month and it is on my key chain since then.

Not searching for coins is such a blast and those plastic chips you have in your car or on your key chain usually are no there, but in some pockets in the washing maschine or the clip thingy on the key chain broke or got loose and the chip is really lost.

For me this solution works perfectly.

I used to print coins for Super Market’s chariots .
Three years ago i started print TPU and PP.