Alternative similar to TinkerCad?

I also really like Shapr 3D. When I recommend software that is $300 a year on my channel I get a lot of posts saying it is more expensive than their 3d printers. I have one video on the channel about it but tend to focus on free alternatives.

I was appalled by the fact that they made me spend about 20$ to wrap the printer box in black plastic to keep it watertight, and it came back without, and it had a hole in the side. Bye bye watertight.

I am angry that they accused me of over-lubing and lubing the base of the lead screws, which I didn’t. Why on Earth would I do that??? Plus, we had pinballs for many yeras, with parts which had to be lubed, “we know lube”, sigh. After the printer returned, after the 3rd print on day 3, I noticed these lube blobs on the horizontal rods:

I removed it, and after the 7th print on day 8, I noticed more lube on those rods. Sure, if these drip off, the base is lubed. But I did not lube that!!!

Still, it now works fine and that’s what’s important. But my trust in them is gone.

I am currently printing all the files I had ready. The big project I am still working on would be much nicer if it’s printed on a multicolor printer. I would never buy one from Prusa after this, and seeing how much it would cost is also way over the top, so I will put my future huge print job on hold till I am convinced of something like the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon works well enough to sell the Prusa.

By the way, is warranty transferable to the next buyer?