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(H)air cutter / Corona hair cut adaptor for vacuum cleaner

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  • (H)air cutter / Corona hair cut adaptor for vacuum cleaner

    Since everyone is busy printing shields and ear saver I tried to create a cheap way to get my hair cut without leaving my home

    Click image for larger version  Name:	HairCutter_Rev2_1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	91.6 KB ID:	2040

    Basically this is a scissor mounted to the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner providing a spacer to define the hair length. So you can cut your hair even on the back and without any help, but you will never cut it the wrong size.

    If you add a 30mm spacer your hair will be cut to 30mm and not shorter.

    The thing with more information and the FreeCAD source file can be found here:

    I no longer look like a tribble, so it works.
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    I don't know if it's still made, but there used to be a pet animal hair trimmer much like this. It had its own cutting blades though.

    And what's wrong with Tribbles? They're cute 😁


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      There are/were even hair cutter modules sold that work exactly like this for humans. They where sold over home shopping in the 90th. After designing mine I did a research. One of the systems on Amazon cost 170 Euro and was sold out during the pandemic (or for years, you can not tell).

      The names I know where "Flowbee" and "Snippit"

      And I don´t like Tribbles on my head.
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        I recall "Flowbee".


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          Then there is this:


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            But my cheap adaptor works quite nice. During my tests four weeks ago I reduced the length adapter sizes quiet a but, so my "end up" hair cut was a little short but looked ok. Now I know what size I want and just can re-trim every week.

            The nice thing about this (compared to the one you posted above) is that you wont find a single hair on your floor, shoulder or clothing, as the vacuum removes them instantly during the cut.

            The picture of the guy with the black hair and the white shirt is quiet unreal.
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              LOL, advertising; you gotta love it!


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                Fantastic idea. Thanks for posting.


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                  I'm into the caveman look.


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                    Originally posted by roon4660 View Post
                    I'm into the caveman look.
                    Used it again, today. Saved me another 23 Euro, no waiting and more important: no leaving the house.


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                      I shpold be a millionaire with all the money I've saved on haircuts.


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                        should I meant