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When is SUPPORT necessary?

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  • When is SUPPORT necessary?

    Try again with correct photos.
    Please see plan and inverted images of test models printed on my Anet A8.

    They show that this cheap, basic machine will print without support to almost 80 degrees with the heavier prints and 90 degrees, horizontal, out to 50mm and without droop, with the lighter weight helical stepped print.

    This leaves me wondering, as a relative newcomer to 3D printing, if support is always necessary and what angle to set in Cura.

    Certainly only experiment will provide the answer but I wonder what more advance printers will have to say.

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    Impressive results. ANET gets a bad rap from some folks because their firmware is not open source. I have an ANET ET4 they provided me for free so I would do a review and I have been very impressed with the hardware. The firmware less so. I have a full review on the DrVax youtube channel.