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    I am currently working on structures for a model railway layout. These are a couple of models partly completed. They were printed on Ender 5 Plus using PLA+ filament from an Australian manufacturer Aurarum. I find it a reliable filament and the bonus is its locally (for me) made. The models have been painted but not fully assembled and are only posed for the photo, you can see the windows on a paiinting stick and a veranda post print ready to be painted. Hope they may be of interest to someone.
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    Very nice! My brother-in-law has an extensive village surrounding his model railway. Can you describe in more detail how you made the buildings? What scale are they? Where did the STLs come from? What type(s) of paint?



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      Very nice. The only issue is that it's for model railroading. Everyone knows model railroaders have psychological issues 😁🤣 (sorry couldn't resist: my F-I-L was a model RRr for many years before he died).


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        Psychological issues Ha Ha!! Thats only the half of it 😀


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          The models houses are in HO scale 1:87. I used Tinkercad to draw them up. The walls are one peice print, then there is a false ceiling with the eves and lip for the seperate gutter. The false ceiling also is the roof truss structure. Each panel of roof is .84mm thick and is glued to the roof truss/false ceiling. Windows and doors are printed at .12 layer height along with any other additional detail like the veranda posts and trim. They are very much a kit rather that a single peice print in an attempt to reduce the impact of layer lines. I use a mix of paint, Tamiya, Vellejo, but all acrylic. I will include some more pics during the next print run. Thank you for your interest, I know this is not a model train enthusiast forum but I'm happy to share the print experience if there is interest..


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            This is an excellent application for 3d printing. I am thinking of doing a series about using 3d printers for Doll House furniture. The series would go from design to printing and finishing.