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    OK, this post isn't about pictures of a new build. It's about input for a new project, which could lead to photos.

    The project is to design & print vaccuum storage cases for spools of filament. I started by looking at this model:

    The main issue with that design is that it's not designed to be airtight. My idea is to design the box so a small vaccuum cleaner can be used to suck out most of the air. I also want it to incorporate a silica gel box.

    For me, the 1st main issue is how to design the vaccuum seal mechanism. It has to be easy to use with a small vaccuum cleaner. Of course, it has to be easy to break the vaccuum seal, so the box can be opened. I'm wondering if a simple, flexible rubber membrane that moves up when the vaccuum cleaner is applied & then it gets sucked down to block vent holes once the vaccuum cleaner is removed.

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    Last year, decided to do something similar and ended up using storage bags like this that I got off Ebay:

    I have some filament in one bag that has been there for almost a year and it is still mostly holding a seal. Are they perfect, NO, but a lot better than just sitting out in open air and I do put some desiccant in when sealing them up. Bought a bulk supply and make small containers out of old spice shakers and when used, can rejuvenate them. In my case to suck them down, use a vacuum pump that is on my router which will pull nearly 25" HG!

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      thx for the feedback. I have looked at the the vaccuum bags. Not a bad solution, but I was hoping for something that will hold its shape better, so it will sit on a shelf nicely. The idea of using old spice containers is interesting. How bout this: use Old Spice deoderant stick containers with a bunch of holes drilled through them?


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        Yep, any thing like that and on mine for a cover over the end, use some coffee maker filter paper to allow some airflow and keep the granules in!

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          The deoderant stick has a lid of course, so I shouldn't even need filter paper. Nice.