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Upcoming Videos - Ten Practical 3d Prints and Pen Turning

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  • Upcoming Videos - Ten Practical 3d Prints and Pen Turning

    I am in the middle of preparing two very different videos. The first will be a review of ten (10) practical and fun 3d prints that most printers are able to complete is about an hour or less. I will be using this video both on my YouTube channel and my Facebook channel to help people without 3d printers learn some of the things you can do at home with an inexpensive 3d printer.

    The second video is a woodworking video about how to turn a pen on a lathe. The folks at Penn State Industries have a lathe they often offer on sale for $150. I used this lathe for a few years to make pens and wine stoppers until my son convinced me to upgrade to a larger lathe so we could also make bowls. This video is an introduction to the techniques used to make pens, a skill anyone can learn. Here is a preview of the upcoming pen turning video;

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    One of the main reasons that I started using 3D printing is the ability to print practical stuff. Just yesterday one of the IKEA drape holders got broken. in 30 minutes I have redesigned it in SolidWorks and printed a replacement.
    I also printed out a deodorant head that my wife lost under the furniture. that's something that you either buy a new deodorant or figure out a solution. I figured out a solution obviously.
    Written a blog post about it ( in Hebrew ).


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      Nice. Looking forward to your future prints.

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    I watch this video right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thinking simple is the hardest way.....