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    When I started this community, I selected vBulletin because it was inexpensive and met our needs. However, as this community matured and grew, it became clear that the vBulletin software used for this forum could be better. Now it's time to migrate to a more current and fully featured product.

    Over the next couple of months, I will migrate to Discourse. You can try out a Discourse forum at

    With Discourse, we gain access to unified logins with, community moderation, an excellent mobile app, polls, improved image handling, and better member communications.

    All posts and user accounts are scheduled to move; however, the first time you log into the improved forum, you will see a prompt to enter a new password.

    Don't expect any changes for a while, as the migration will take some time. In addition, I will keep the existing VBulletin site in place to ensure we retain all valuable content.

    Don't worry; the new forum will remain free. It will just be easier to use and much prettier.

    I am interested in all thoughts about this move, so reply here or email me directly at [email protected].


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    Maybe I should reserve my comments until after it set up but I personally think Discord for more like a chat room than a forum. Now having said that maybe it's the way the ones I have visited were setup.

    Okay maybe I have miss spoke, I reread the post and followed the link Irv included, it was Discourse not Discord. It would be a shame to loose all the content here to bad there isn't a way to migrate it over to the new platform.


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      Sounds like a plan! Witnessed several forum moves in my life without noticing and the need for a sofa and popcorn. I bet it will go well, but fingers crossed!


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        Gramps The plan is to move 100 percent of the current content. All of the current posts.