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Printer not recognizing finished print.

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    Ender5r I really wish I could remember the plugin. If I could I would have mentioned it in the previous comment. All I remember was that it worked with "robin" motherboards which the Artist-D pro has. Irv Shapiro mentioned the plugin in one of his videos on Cura.


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    I wonder if it only works on Artist D. Three times faster?


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      Ender5r That appears to be the plugin. I have it on my Cura 4.11
      roon4660 I do not know what to tell you, I do not think Irv Shapiro would address this plugin if it was only for the Artist-D. He stated that it worked with MKS Robin TFT35 or MKS TFT35 LCD. I think that covers a large number of motherboards. As to being three times faster, I think my first flash of the firmware had some problems, one was the finish print every time the printer was off and turned back on. The slow update of the picture of print on LCD screen. There was another interment problem which has not shown up since the last flash. Something to put in the back of my mind. DO TWO FLASHES!


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        Yes, I believe that plugin is only for MKS boards. That does limit its applicability but it's still something MKS owners can use. I'm not sure I would find it all that useful 'cause I'm not normall at the printer where I could see the LCD screen.


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          I find it very useful, it helps choose the print I want. That is because the names are abbreviated and I usually have an id code name like E1, E2, Dup, Duel, or Mirrow. I also like the capability when I check progress and visual comparison other than digital percentages. But. that is just me.

        • Ender5r
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          That's why it's good these things are available: some people will find them useful.