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Just watch the Prusa slicer video and tried it out.....

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  • Just watch the Prusa slicer video and tried it out.....

    This was a first print and I am getting some weird lines which I know is the nozzle dragging over the layer. How do I stop this?

    Second, on the photos, I am getting another weird phenomenon...I don't know what it is or how to fix it. Its not there when I print from Cura but I actually like the Prusa slicer layout a little better...

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    The lines are from movements. It does the surface diagonal and when it reaches the screw hole these lines can only continue on one side. Later on the head drives to those left out areas. When the hot tool head drives over an already printed area it kind if irons the straight into the already printed lines.

    The lines you see are from moving over printed parts. In Cura this is the Combing mode option. Another way to avoid these lines is activating z-hop for movements.


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      How in Prusa do I do this? Like I said, I know Cura. Just trying because I like the interface for Prusa.

      Thank you for the reply too!!!


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        You can set Z-hop at:
        Print Settings > Extruder 1 > Retraction > Lift Z

        I'd also attempt printing at a lower temp if you aren't already near the low end of the recommended range.
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      I have no idea. I only use Cura and until I find a reason or a problem this won´t change as I don´t want to waste my time in "learning" a new software doing basically the same.


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        RChicago, interesting that you like PrusaSlicer's interface. I find it quite confusing. 'Course, my ideal slicer would allow me to create a profile for a particular filament & save EVERY parameter in the profile, so I could just select that profile & I would know that all the parameters are set correctly. Even Cura doesn't do that.

        I would also like any parameters I set up for a particular print to be saved as part of the profile. For example, let's say I set up a Temperature-Stringing Tower profile. Let's further assume I use Cura's Post Processing feature to add several Pause At Height scripts, so that the temperature is changed at the correct layers. I would like to be able to save all the parameters as, say, a profile named TempStringTowerPETG-0.12_240-210x10C. That would include saving the Pause At Height scripts. Then, when I load another profile, 1 that does not include any Post Processing scripts, the scripts that were part of the previous profile should automatically be removed. Instead, I have to remember to go into Post Processing & remove the scripts. I can't even just disable them -- I have to actually remove them completely so that, the next time I need them, I have to re-create them from scratch. I find that ridiculous.

        All that said, maybe I'm just missing something. Perhaps I'm not using Cura correctly. If someone can point me to an easy-to-follow guide I would be grateful.