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Awful first layer

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  • Awful first layer

    The lines dont mesh together very well. Why does this happen? Changed the nozzle several times, same thing. Is this a faulty extruder? Why does the filament come out so thin? It used to come out a flat thicker line.

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    This looks like a classic case of the nozzle being to far from the printbed. A classic way of fixing it is to change the Z Offset value (although I feel it's best to check & calibrate the extruder feed rate 1st, then change the Z Offset). I also recommend you look at DrVax's bed leveling video, & this 1:

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      Thats what i thought. Also i think my glass bed is warped as each corner is level but the middle of the bed dips down.


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        Oriented the print on the far left side of the bed and the first layer is gorgeous.

        That leads me to how do you keep a glass bed from warping? This bed isnt that old at all.


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          If you're using 6mm or thicker borosilicate glass, it really shouldn't, at least not enough to cause 1st layer issues like you got. You might want to think about doing a 5 point bed leveling (4 corners + center).

          Warping issues are 1 reason people go for Automatic Bed Levelers. The idea is they build a topographic map of the print bed surface. During printing, the Z height is adjusted in micro steps to compensate for uneveness in the printbed. Usually, after about 10 layers, the ABL micro stepping is faded out because, by that time, the surface of the model should pretty much be level.

          BTW, if you don't mind my asking, what's with your handle?


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            Usually glass does not warp at all. In my experience it is the surface it is mounted, too

            So if you have a bend base, put the glass on and fixate it using clamps, the glass has no chance as to bend.

            In your case the opposite happens and on the first sight makes no sense, as you donĀ“t have a clamp in the center of the build plate. The problem here is the heat distribution.

            Since your surface below the glass has a dent, there is air under the glass causing a heat problem in the center area, so the filament cannot melt evenly.

            Glass is usually flat like hell and no problem at all. It is always the surface below. You could try filling the metal in the center using some layers of masking tape. This should help. I have seen people to use CPU thermal paste, which of course is great for fixing the problem, but it gets messy when you need to remove the plate, so I would not recommend it.


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              I'm thinking aluminum furnace tape would be a good option: it sticks like crazy &, because it's aluminum, it conducts heat like crazy too.


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                My handle is a joke amongst libertarians who get told to "go to somalia" anytime we criticize govt.

                The glass im using is 3.8mm thick from Creality. I did see a video earlier where this was fixed with tape on the surface, so maybe ill try that.


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                  Criticize gov't??? What are you thinking??