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cura 4.8 concentric shell vs PrusaSlicer 2.3 concentric infill

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  • cura 4.8 concentric shell vs PrusaSlicer 2.3 concentric infill

    I found that cura produces a cool X image when using the concentric pattern in the Shell section.
    I like prusaslicer but when I tried concentric in the infill section the result is not the same as cura.
    Basically I see cura using the concentric pattern on each bottom shell layer but prusaslicer only used the concentric pattern on the first (bottom) layer.
    Is there a method to duplicate the cura concentric on pattern on each bottom shell layer in prusaslicer?


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    The current version of the PrusaSlicer uses a separately selected infill pattern for the top and bottom fill layers. This is probably masking your selected fill. You might want to try setting "top fill pattern" and "bottom fill pattern" to the fill pattern you want to show through the perimeters.


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      I tried setting the top and bottom pattern to concentric but prusaSlicer only makes the outer shell concentric. Cura will make the inner shells concentric and IMO thats what makes the nice X pattern in the print. I am using gold Silk PLA and it really shows the inner shells its kind of transparent. I mostly use prusaSlicer because the workflow seems faster. This is just a case where we are lucky to have a choice of slicers.


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        Yep. I agree. I see no reason to limited your 3d Printing to a single CAD system, or single Slicer.