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  • Problem with printing

    calling from Denmark, my very first project went a bit in the sink, see photos. I've tried myself, but it's like the filament does not stick to the Heat Pan, what am I doing wrong. My newly purchased machine is an Ender 5.
    Niels Melchior

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    Level, level, level, clean, check Z offset, use brim and gluestick


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      If you haven't yet, I recommend doing this procedure to check you level & get your Z Offset correct:


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        It is clearly visible that the print warped off the build plate. What are your room temperatures? During winter you need a higher bed temp or a heated room (an actual room) to reduce warping. Also make sure no draft from cold air e.g. from the door hits the printer.

        From what I see, I would just crap the room temp, keep the door closed and restart the print. If it fails the same way, lower the nozzle a little.


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          BTW, I've had problems with that particular model that comes with Creality printers. The best I ever got was almost to the top, at which point the layers didn't adhere to each other any more. With what I've learned it's possible I could make it work now, but it's not that interesting a print to me so, "Meh 😩".


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            Hi Niels,
            definitely a room temperature problem. It's cold here in Denmark this time of the year. I've built a Lack enclosure for my Prusa and I still had PLA print warp. A 5mm brim helps, and maybe turn down the print fan in your slicer.