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Ender 3 Extruder feed rate

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  • Ender 3 Extruder feed rate

    I've had the Ender 3 for 2 years and had problems with bed sticking and poor prints until I found if I changed the extruder feed to 150%
    I checked the feed rate and and was the default of 96 steps/mm
    I ran the test extruding 100mm and it only extruded 40 mm
    I had to set the steps/mm to 240 to get it to extrude 100 mm
    Now prints are much better looking like moulded plastic parts
    There is no slipping of the drive and it extrudes the same in both directions
    Is it possible that the stepper has been changed to a micro stepper

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    Not sure, but I do wonder if the PTFE tube inside the hotend has shrunk in diameter like mine has done in the past. In particular, if you haven't changed the tube in 2 years and/or you've found you've had to increase the flow rate more & more over time, I would be checking the tubing:


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      I changed the Boden tube and nozzle a couple months ago but still had to set the flow to 150%
      I changed both Boden tube and nozzle again but the steps/mm still needed to be 225 steps/mm to print OK
      Testing the steps/mm with the Boden tube disconnected verified there wasn't an issue with the Boden tube, nozzle and temperature was not the problem
      However, with more investigation I found the settings were set to mm^3 which means a steps per volume of extruded plastic
      After setting to steps/mm^3 to steps/mm I set the steps/mm to 100 and it extruded 100 mm of filament and everything prints OK
      Thanks Ender5r for the suggestions that led to solving the problem


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        That's good detective work. Glad to see it's resolved. On to printing...