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Print in place Moveable Parts. Help Wanted....

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  • Print in place Moveable Parts. Help Wanted....

    Hi, and a happy new year to you all! I have been working in FreeCad now for a while and thanks to your help I have figured out how to do internal and external threads.
    Now I am asking for your assistance in designing print in place movable parts. In using FreeCad I designed these in Parts workbench. However, when I switch over to PartsDesign it will convert my 1st link back to its original not cut, and chamfered design, and not allow me to Pad or do any other modification on it. It tells me I have to create a working body.
    Any help appreciated.


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    I'm just catching up with the forum and saw that no one addressed this thread yet. I'm still working up the FreeCAD learning curve and don't have a specific answer other than I've learned that the primitive shapes of the Part workbench don't play nice with the Part Design workbench--especially fillets, chamfers, fusion, subtraction, and all the other binary functions. Until I learn what the issues are with mixing the workbenches, I have been sticking to one workbench or the other. I use the Part Workbench if the design doesn't need any of the features of the Part Design Workbench. For bigger projects that the Part Workbench can't handle, I start in the Part Design Workbench from the beginning.

    There is a shapebinder feature that Mark Ganson showed briefly in one of his YouTubes (somewhere in the video 50-60 range) that allowed him to bring a primitive shape from the Part workbench into the Part Design workbench. You might try googling shapebinder if you need to mix the workbenches.


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      Mixing Workbenches is not always a good idea. Thats why Part Design has already some features for e.g. boolean operations as I understand it.

      Basically you have to decide which way you want to go. Part design is the one which I would deal and stick with.
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        Thank you.