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PETG & warping. How to fix it?

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  • PETG & warping. How to fix it?

    Hello everybody, this is my first post. Let me say I love DrVax videos on Youtube, are amazing and very well explained!

    I bought 3 weeks ago an Ender 3 V2 as my first 3D printer and since then I'm enjoying to print everything come up to my mind.. 😁

    Usually I print with PETG (PrimaSelect) and I have only one big issue: Warping when I print relatively big "flat" pieces...

    My printing temperatures are: 225°/80°

    I use Brim or even Raft but the issue persist.

    As suggested DrVax in one of his video I've just ordered a Magigoo, I should receive it in a couple of days.

    Do you have any other suggestion or tips to suggest me?

    Any feedback is more than welcome!!

    Many thanks and kind regards,

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    You're on the right track: glue and brim is find to do. But looking at your first layer, you maybe don't have enough squish going on as well. Get it a bit closer to the bed. An enclosure is also something to consider, to keep drafts out or the temp more consistent especially if you're getting cold ambient temps in the winter.


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      I'm wondering if your temps need a little adjustting. I print almost exclusively PETG, at 235/70.


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        Hi all, thanks for your answers. Using Magigoo, I would say that 95% of my warping issues with PETG are disappeared!! 🤩


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          A small update: I was printing PETG with bed temp of 70C. I had some warping on a couple of prints. Raising the bed temp to 80C helped resolve it.


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            Maybe one of these days I will tackle PETG. I even ordered some TPU to try. When I get my parts and finally redo my printer I shall be bold and daring.


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              I use PETG because it's suitable for most of what I print. If it wasn't the better choice, I wouldn't use it. For example, I just printed a couple of lithophanes for someone. Since the lithos didn't need any of the features of PETG I used white PLA.


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                I have been saving my roll pf PETG till I have several things to print that require PETG. I have been loath to open it because I know it sucks up water.