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Manual Custom Supports and Modified Infill Sections

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  • Manual Custom Supports and Modified Infill Sections

    My youngest son manages to break the arms off most thing I print for him at a standard infill throughout. So I thought I would try to make just the arms and legs 100% infill while maintaining 20% to the body. I installed the Custom Supports plugin from the Cura Slicer Marketplace.

    Side Note: I was in the last 40mins of a 9 hour print of Tigress. The Filament guide I have had on for about a week (constant printing) sheared off.
    (The black part in my photo, Red part on the thingiverse file -
    Then trying to remove the filament from the guide, the filament snapped, then pausing the print and feeding through the filament from roll and resuming, the print raft moved and the print was wrecked! My son was devastated as Tigress from Kung Fu Panda has no head!

    From these tests, I was really happy with how my manually placed custom supports worked, and I used "support blockers" with modified settings for overlap set at 100%. The arms and legs are really strong on this 90mm high model of Tigress.
    I did notice when printing Kung Fu Panda with similar custom supports, while it works fine for a smaller model, when i scaled it up, the bridging distance increased and my support on raft popped off the bed slighlty during the print (temp overnight also dropped really low!) and the print was failed. I fixed this with making the raft radius larger creating better bed adhesion.

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    What filament are you using? Also, Cura allows one to bring in second model that intersects with the main print, and it can be printed entirely as support (Mesh Type). The plugin sounds like it automates that process. Thanks for the tip!



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    The plugin is good. Printed a few figures and I just used manual supports on hands