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Broken Bowden Coupler on a Monoprice MP10 Mini

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  • Broken Bowden Coupler on a Monoprice MP10 Mini

    Tonight, the Bowden clip on the extruder broke. Does anyone know how to fix this or know what the replacement part is? Apparently, this failure is not uncommon as I discovered an adapter on Thingiverse (after it broke!).

    Thanks and Cheers!
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    I found a replacement part (not on the Monoprice's website) and posting the information here in case someone else runs into this problems. This is a 'new type of Bowden connector' (Malyan designed!?) and a replacement part can be found here on the GigDigit website. Interestingly, on the website, GigDigit notes:

    "This product comes with no guarantee that the metal ring/teeth will not break similar to what may be the reason you are seeking a replacement."

    Time to put on that metal extruder!