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MatterControl 2.0 BAUD Setting?

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  • MatterControl 2.0 BAUD Setting?

    I just installed MaterControl 2.0 and am connecting it via USB to an ANET A8 running Marlin When I try to connect from MaterControl the printer reboots and MaterControl fails to connect. I thought the BAUD rate may need to be set inMaterControl, but I cannot find any way to do so. I liked at instructions on the MaterHackers site, but they are showing an older version. I looked for an older version, but all links lead to 2.0. Does anyone know how to set the BAUD rate in MaterControl 2.0? Or where to obtain an older version?


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    I do not have your printer, but 115k works on my printers. Also, use a quality USB cable.



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      Thank you for the response. I already tried every reasonable BAUD rate in the COM port. I think I need to change the BAUD rate setting in MatterControl. But I cannot find any way to do so. There are no baud, edit or settings I can find for the port in MaterControl


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        You set the baud rate on the "printer tab". This tab is not displayed by default so click on the three-dot menu on the top right and select the printer option. In addition, I agree with the earlier comment that cables are often an issue. Many USB cables are only configured for charging and not for communicating data.

        Here is a picture:

        Click image for larger version

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          Usually printers use 500000 which is supid


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            Thank you Irv. I see it now, and will try it within a few hours and report back. I have confidence in the cable since I have used it before, but will switch if the BAUD change doesn’t resolve the issue.

            BAUD rate set in configuration.h if the Marlin source is 115200. I need to match MatterControl to that.

            And on a side note Irv, thank you for your work and time in producing the Chanel. I am nearing retirement, and your Chanel is an excellent inspiration. Only problem now is to narrow the number of activities to something reasonable. Thank You Irv!!!


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              Great news! I changed the BAUD and it connected.

              But I tried to calibrate the bed and it keeps driving the Z axis down. I need to debug and fix the Z axis limit switch. In working on it, I don’t yet see how to step an axis from MatterControl, but I’ll keep looking when I get back to it.

              Hey Irv, a session on using MatterControl 2.0 would be good. . Everything I can find online seems to be an older version, which has changed significantly.


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                Is the Z axis actually driving into the bed?


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                  Yes. But I noticed the same before updating to Marlin, when homing from the keypad. I need to check the switch and connections with an ohmmeter, which I’ll do within the next few hours (work has priority, this is limited to breaks).


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                    For sure. A continuity check would be a good start.


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                      Doing it now. Without spending any time on it, do you know how to manually step the motors from MatterControl?


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                        Sorry, no. I only looked at MatterControl once, very briefly. If MC has a command window where you can issue gcode commands directly to the printer, you should be able to do it manually.


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                          Great news. I found a faulty solder joint at the Z limit switch. Fixed it and it works fine now.

                          Also, I found a Terminal tab next to the Printer tab. It shows all G commands being sent to the printer, and allows manual entry. I was able to send G commands to position the axes and to home all axes.

                          thank you much for the assistance in a time of need. 👍


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                            I love it when a plan comes together.

                            I'll tell you something I now do before every print. I preheat the hotend to between 230C & 240C. While it's heating I issue:

                            G1 X100 Y100 Z100

                            Once the hotend is up to temp, and after feeding the filament into the hotend I issue:

                            G1 E100 F150

                            I find that really helps ensure the filament is feeding cleanly & evenly.


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                              I’m getting ready to level the bed and try a print. After leveling the bed, I’ll manually try

                              M140 S50
                              G1 X100 Y100 Z100
                              M104 S235
                              G1 E100 F150

                              Then start the print.