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Strengthening rods for Monoprice MP10

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  • Strengthening rods for Monoprice MP10

    What are the ones that DRVAX used and where can I get them?

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    I ordered the rods designed for the CR10 and custom-designed a 3d printed bracket. Unfortunately, I cannot find the email associated with the purchase so I am not sure which specific model I bought. However, any of the rods designed for the CR10 should work with the bracket I designed and linked below.

    Here is the URL to the bracket I designed in Thinkercad:

    This bracket is used to attached CR10 style support rods to a Monoprice MP10 printer. In addition to this printed part, you will need 4 M3 bolts, nuts and washers and 2 M5 bolts and washers. The M3 nuts will be used with the following slot nut adapters: Here is a video about how to install this part:

    Here is the video talking about my upgrade: