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Prints gradual layer shift and gaps

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  • Prints gradual layer shift and gaps

    Hello, I just upgraded my Ender 3 with the Bigtreetech SKR V1.2 mini board, the printer was silent but gave me gaps in the prints. I cleaned the Biden tube, put a new nozzle, checked the gantries and extruded, did the steps calibration and still the problem persists. The problem now erupted is there is loud sound in the printer and the prints are printing at an angle as seen in the images. Please can some one help me? Is it the board? At first I thought it was the filament and dehydrated them, did test prints with different filaments but it has the same issue. I am in desperate need to fix the prints as I have to do prints for an order. Thanks

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    The 1st step to troubleshooting would be to determine if it's the new board or not. To do that simply put the original board back in and see if it exhibits the problem.

    After that, you might want to look at this video: The guy shows how to calibrate the extruder, to stop under or over extrusion, then goes on to calibrating the XYZ steppers by printing a calibration cube. He uses a formula to calculate all of the values for the stepper motors.

    Seriously though, unless the original board is dead, put it back into the printer and test.


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      I agree with Ender5r about putting the original board back in. When you install a new control board you are changing both the electronics and the firmware. If I had to guess some of the marlin settings in the firmware configuration are not correct for your printer. I would double-check all of the stopper motor configuration settings. A minor typo can have a big impact.