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Just got a Creality Ender 3 V2, and I am interested in BL Touch

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    Originally posted by Larry View Post

    Hummm.... I can't see how you can heat your bed up and then let it cool many times and not have to re-level your bed. Metal (and other materials) when heated and let cool many times don't always go back to the exact same measurements (i'm talking about 100's of a mm here, very small amounts) unless the metals are totally pure, which almost all metals aren't (the ones that are are extremely expensive). That's way the printers that don't have auto bed leveling have bed springs so they can be adjusted when needed ever so often. I'm not saying your wrong. I'm just saying i don't see how it's possible unless your not heating your bed very much or at all.
    I have my z endstops on all printers on a wheel, too, so I can simply perform a little twist to my endstop to lower or higher the entire bed, when needed. This of course does not affect the bed levelling itself. When a print does not stick I lower the node and when I see the nose is rubbing the filament down, I raise it again. That way I don´t have to use the wheels under the bed and don´t even have to mess with the z endstop settings in the printers firmware, as the process is done 100% mechanical.

    Click image for larger version

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