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  • Help a newbie!

    Im not usually good with technology, so bear with me. I bought my first printer a couple weeks ago. A Monoprice Maker Select Plus.

    Im not really sure how to describe the problem so i i record the problem for 60 seconds or so. Why will the filament not stick to the bed? I printed a bunch of these mask straps no problem. Now they come out like disasters. I was using Cura 4.0 but upgraded to 4.6.1, thats when the issues started.

    Id almost bet that i screwed my nozzle up somehow. You cant see from the pics but there are plenty of scrape marks on the bed. This is the spare bed surface that came with it, as i scraped the hell out of the first one. Bed leveling was/is a nightmare for me.

    Filament doesnt come straight out, it sticks to the nozzle and blobs up.

    Help! I've fallen in love with printing and this is driving me insane!

    Cant figure out how to post the video (told you) but these pics should work.

  • #2 was printing in .2 and had initial layer height at .2. Changed initial layer height to .3 and all is right with the world

    Was gonna delete this post but figured leave it up for other n00bs.


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      Thanks for leaving it up. That is how we will learn together.

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    You have the right idea. You need to get the bed level and then as the bed wears it pays to use a bed adhesive. I find that using MagiGoo solves most of my bed adhesion issues.

    There are a number of videos on the DrVax youtube channel about leveling the bed of your printer. The concepts are the same for all FDM printers so I recommend you watch a couple of the videos. Here is a recent one:

    Finally, if your nozzle is scraping the bed it is too low. With a print adhesion you will not have to be as precise.

    Here is an affiliate link to MagiGoo on Amazon. Using this link will not cost your anything but will help support this forum and the DrVax YouTube channel. If you are not into affiliate links fee free to just go directly to Amazon and search for Magigoo.



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      Yup that was my first thoughts as I read the OP's post the gap between your nozzle and your bed is too far apart.
      as for you bed leveling frustrations in your slicer I would recommend using DrVax's semi auto bed leveling Gcode and edit it the coordinates to match your bed then copying that to your start Gcode in your slicer so every print gets the same treatment if you have issues with the coordinates I would be more than glad to see if I could make it less painful for you. 😷


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        I have a Maker Select Plus and it doesn't have auto bed leveling. Does that matter? I have to adjust the bed with big screws on each corner.

        Where can I find the Gcode you mentioned?

        As long as I'm here asking, Irv, where can I find your test print file of the ...looks like a square bed of nails. It was in a video you made on stringing (i didnt see it in the notes)

        Thanks so much for helping us all learn something together!!

        EDIT: found the gcode
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          Nevermind I understand the bed leveling now hahaha.

          Im pretty sure my bed is level now.


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            Holy smokes it looks better already! I had my nozzle way too high.


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              👍👍 Cool deal happy printing my fellow maker